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DenturesAll final dentures are fabricated by L. David Gassiraro DMD using a unique impression technique. As a denture specialist, three impressions are used to prevent sore spots and to achieve maximum retention, resistance and comfort.

The first impression copies the overall anatomy of the ridge. The second impression copies the bony structure to prevent sore spots. The third impression copies the soft tissue detail to maximize retention, resistance and comfort. All denture teeth are set up in wax by L. David Gassiraro DMD to create the custom look you want. The final processing of the acrylic is processed under pressure to compensate for shrinkage and to improve fit.

The use of one or more root tips can help the retention and resistance for an overdenture. A micro-magnet able to hold a 300mg or 500mg can be luted into the overdenture. This allows the denture to click into place. This is an excellent system to hold the denture in place.

An implant retained denture ideally requires two or more implants. The fixed denture can click into place while being retained by nylon attachments. The prosthesis can be removed by the patient. All hybrid dentures which are permanently screwed into place can only be removed by a dental professional. These options allow all denture wearers the comfort and function of their natural teeth.

Our dental service offers final conventional dentures which allow you to have the option of a metal base denture or a full acrylic denture. The metal base denture is thinner than acrylic and aids in the comfort and strength. The metal also transmits temperature which aids in the taste while preventing future shrinkage of the ridge.

Partial dentures are fabricated clasping adjacent teeth to hold the prosthesis into place. Unique flexible wironium framework is used to minimize the forces to these teeth, while maximizing retention. A careful design and precision fabrication allows an excellent long-term prognosis.

The majority of our dental office denture repairs are finished within 20-30 minutes. If you're looking for excellent dental care which doesn't cut corners, L. David Gassiraro DMD is the last Prosthodontist you will ever need.